mTLS between cluster application nodes using consul service mesh

Hello guys,

How do we use consul service mesh for clustered applications ?

Meaning to say i have kafka broker nodes which are connected to it each other using the configuration as BROKER_LIST=node1:port,node2:port,node3:port

How do we implement mTLS between these peer nodes using consul service mesh ?

Hi @ashwinkupatkar,

Are you using Consul service mesh on Kubernetes?

If so, you should be able to use transparent proxy, headless services, and dialed directly enabled in order to enable this type of communication between peer nodes. See for more info.

Hi @blake, I have the application setup on a vm infrastructure. How do i use transparent proxy on a vm based environment ? Few examples might help.

The following thread has links to some unofficial resources for running tproxy on VMs. That deployment model currently only supports a single Envoy proxy per VM.

I recently resumed my exploration for running multiple proxies on a single VM. I’m hoping to have a solution soon, and will update the my GitHub repo with those examples.

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Sure @blake I will go through the discussion and get back. Thanks again.