Consul-ESM compute resources requirements


I’m attempting to run consul-ESM on ECS , however I’m not sure if there is any recommended compute resources requirements(Memory, CPU) to reserve for the ESM container .
Could someone clarify or point me to where it specifies in the documentation?


Hey @mohamed.ammouchi,

I’m sorry but there is no documentation on required compute resources needed. ESM doesn’t require a ton, but what it does need would go up with the number of external services it was monitoring as well as the general size of your cluster. My best guesstimate would be to start with something on the smaller size and see how it does. If it handles it at first it should be fine… if it gets worse over time that’d be a bug.

Hope this helps.

Hey @eikenb ,
It seems that ESM is not able to fetch and update health checks on all namespaces, I tried with both version 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 and the health check is only performed against the default namespace , is this a known issue.
I tried also to run the latest version 0.6.2 but same result with additional log warning

consul-esm: Error updating check status in Consul: error="Failed request: Failed to parse body: json: unknown field \"ExposedPort\""


Sorry @mohamed.ammouchi, there are a couple known issues with namespaces support in ESM (below). But… they got bumped internally so I’ll be starting work on them later this week or next. So there should be a fix out soon.

Follow those issues or watch for the next release of consul-esm (v0.7.0 or v0.6.3).

Hope this helps.