Consul ESM v0.6.0 Release

Hello everyone,

We’ve just released Consul ESM v0.6.0 . This release features an official docker image and Consul Namespaces support for Enterprise customers, along with a few other smaller items and a bug fix.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.

Thank you,

Consul API Tooling Team


  • Add official docker image [GH-108, GH-19]
  • Add support for Consul Namespaces and controlling which namespaces ESM monitors. [GH-115]
  • Add support for arm64 builds. [GH-98, GH-88]
  • Update logging to use hclog. [GH-97]
  • Add log_json configuration option to allow enabling JSON logging. [GH-105, GH-82]
  • Update -version output to standardize with other ecosystem projects. [GH-99, GH-87]


  • Fixed issue where anti-flapping counters were reset to zero when updating checks with latest from catalog. [GH-103]
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