Consul K8s 0.43.0 released!

The Consul K8s team has released Consul K8s 0.43.0! This is the first Consul K8s release that officially supports Consul 1.12.0 (see Consul K8s compatibility matrix). A few of the headline features aligned with the overall Consul 1.12.0 release include:

  1. The ability to leverage Vault secrets backend for Consul K8s clusters that utilize WAN Federation, or Admin Partitions.
  2. The ability to automatically rotate Server TLS certs when provisioned by the Vault PKI Engine through the Vault secrets backend.
  3. The ability to retrieve Bootstrap, Replication, and Partition Consul ACL tokens from Vault, and leverage the Kubernetes Auth method to retrieve other ACLs for Consul K8s system components. See release notes from 0.42.0.

Read more about the Consul 1.12 release here. More information about our Vault Secrets backend features are described in Vault as a Secrets Backend Overview.

Consul K8s 0.43.0 Changelog: Release v0.43.0 · hashicorp/consul-k8s· GitHub

For information on how to upgrade Consul K8s see the Upgrade Consul Kubernetes documentation.