Consul proxy to reach a destination service without specifying the remote datacenter

hello, I have a query.

I see consul 1.10 beta introduces transparent proxy and it eliminates specifying the upstream service and its port. This is great.

I see limitation mentioned about this proxy as only available for local dc and for k8s services.

But will the transparent proxy (when it goes GA) be able to identify the destination service if its not present in local datacenter. I do not wish to specify the datacenter of the destination service its running on. For me, it should be just the service name.

Also will it be available for VM services as well ?

Hey @ashwinkupatkar

This is something we’re working on currently, so stay tuned for that! You will most likely still need to specify datacenter in some form in this initial implementation.

Thanks @ishustava1 … for letting me know on this. I would still be interested without mentioning datacenter name…as secondary datacenters may increase and decrease and the specifying datacenter means manual effort.

So can I assume service resolver config is the option available to route the traffic to same service present in different datacenter(s) ?

Based on Configuration Entry Kind: Service Resolver | Consul by HashiCorp references

Kind           = "service-resolver"
Name           = "web"
ConnectTimeout = "15s"
Failover = {
  "*" = {
    Datacenters = ["dc3", "dc4"]


Kind = "service-resolver"
Name = "web-dc2"
Redirect {
  Service    = "web"
  Datacenter = "dc2"