Consul service dynamic or global

Im looking for some best practices tips running consul in production.

On each of our services we are using a docker sidecar with envoy (from the great @nic, nicholasjackson/consul-envoy:latest)

When it starts it registers the service with the consul-client running on the host/node.

What is best practice here. Do we register a global service with some config (What config?) and then register every service with the envoy as described above?

Is there some other recommended way to do this?


Hi Mathias,

Individual service instances are designed to be registered against their local client agent which is running on the host/node. You would then use Consul’s configuration entries to centrally configure L4/L7 traffic management, service-to-service access policies, and other config for a given service.

The following tutorials provide a pretty good walk through of registering services, and centrally defining their configuration.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.