Consul Service dynamic registration via tag updates

Hi folks, I am deploying consul connect with envoy as side car in K8s. I need to to route between fixed number of clusters say 5 (due to on-prem connectivity reasons) . I am using service tags to achieve this. My idea is:

1.Create and launch ‘n’ number of deployments in K8S for the same application using connect inject(which will also register the service with consul)

2.Set EnableTagOverride as True for the app in each deployment sheet

2.Each deployment sheet will have a unique Service.Meta.label ex:V1

3.Each deployment sheet will also have a set of tags (TagA, TagB…) etc

4.Create a service resolver with ‘n’ distinct subsets and filter each subset by Service.Tags

5.Create Service Router to route by meta.label to the corresponding subset

As scale increases, dynamically update tags to a particular deployment of the app.

Will this work? To dynamically update the tags for the same app, how do I achieve this? Please advice