Update different tag values on individual Kubernetes consul pods


I have used consul client/server on individual servers for service discovery. And for load testing purposes I used to change the consul tag values (via api calls) on desired servers and run traffic through them. It worked like a charm. Ex: Normal server’s tag (weight:100), Test server’s tag (weight:200) for double traffic serving.

Now, I have shifted to kubernetes cluster for better orchestration but here I’m using consul-sync via helm for service discovery. It’s doing great but here we have tags under annotations which is deployed throughout the pods.
So, my query is how can I have different tags on different pods in a sample deployment?
Can I deploy different config in consul-sync?
Also, will it be easier if I use different deployment for the same?

Please share your thoughts and config templates if possible.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @xyphanajay

You can use service tags via annotations on Deployments as described here: https://www.consul.io/docs/k8s/connect#consul-hashicorp-com-service-tags. This should allow you to set different tags for different deployments.

Can I change the tag value of an individual pod by changing config inside that pod? :sweat_smile: