Consul supported versions with vault v1.9.2

With reference to vault v1.9.2, I have a question that do we have a list of all the supported versions of consul? I checked the documentation and release notes, but did not find that information. Please note that the consul is being used here only as a storage backend for the vault.

Hi @svsonawane83,

Vault 1.9.2 has an integrated storage option that can be used instead of Consul. Considering that you are using Consul only as the Vault backend, is there a reason why you are not considering integrated storage?

In addition, I would recommend you use a version that is at least N-2 when N is the latest major version for any HashiCorop Product. Only these versions would get bug/security fixes being the only actively maintained versions. You can read more about this here: Support Period and End-of-Life (EOL) Policy – HashiCorp Help Center