Consul-template - filter nodes via node-meta os=windows


I need to be able to filter consul-template query to filter out nodes by their OS. ie. “os=windows”

Is this technically possible with consul-template?

I can add a node-meta tag of os=windows to the consul node but cannot find a filter for node-meta.

consul agent -config-dir /etc/consul.d/ -node-meta "os:windows"



Hey Chris,

I think you can do what you want with the .Meta information included with the nodes.

Assuming your agents are started with -node-meta "os:windows", then this template shows one way you filter them like you want.

{{ range nodes }}
{{ if eq .Meta.os "windows" }}I'm a windows box!{{ end }}
{{ end }}

There are other ways to do this, but the key here is the -node-meta data is added the the .Meta map in the returned data.

Hope this helps.