Unable to filter catalog/nodes via api (curl)

I have a current node information in /catalog/nodes

    "ID": "d99e034b-5314-a601-f07e-0c1fb91920e9",
    "Node": "node01",
    "Address": "",
    "Datacenter": "dc1",
    "TaggedAddresses": {
      "lan": "",
      "wan": ""
    "Meta": {
      "dc": "D1",
      "gtm": "eu",
    "CreateIndex": 1676776660,
    "ModifyIndex": 1847251388

Unfortunately i am not able to filter it using api requests (request made on consul cluster nodes)
curl --get --data-urlencode 'filter=Node == "node01"'
nor by such request

`curl --get --data-urlencode ‘filter=Meta.gtm == “eu”’``

the filtering gives a result of all registered nodes on a cluster

using consul v1.3.1

Hi @DonatasFe,

Looks like this was implemented (fixed/extended) in version 1.5.0.

PR# - Implement filtering of some endpoints by mkeeler · Pull Request #5579 · hashicorp/consul · GitHub