Consul-Terraform-Sync 0.1.0 GA Released

Hello all,

We’ve just released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.1.0 GA! Please see our blog post for more details.

Consul-Terraform-Sync automates network infrastructure by monitoring Consul for latest service information and pushing changes to network devices using Terraform. Users can configure tasks to subscribe to service changes to kickoff automations.

Some features to highlight that were previously released:

We are excited to share the four tutorials available for Consul-Terraform-Sync:

For this release specifically, we have been focusing on testing. As a result, this release comprises all of bug fixes. Please see CHANGELOG below for details. Corresponding documentation updates are now live on the Consul website.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.

Consul API Tooling Team


  • Fix Task Status API response which was incorrectly returning empty providers and services information when requesting a task with no event data. [GH-219]
  • Fix service filtering with tag containing =. [GH-222]
  • Fix Docker image to pass in configuration when running in daemon-mode. [GH-221]
  • Mitigate task execution on partial data when monitoring a large number of services. [GH-232]
  • Fix tasks that are watching the same services from going stale after a couple executions. [GH-234, GH-237]
  • Fix exponential backoff retry, which was incorrectly implementing x^2 instead of 2^x. Used to retry PANOS commit and Terraform. [GH-235]
  • Fix -version flag output to include the binary name. [GH-238]