Consul Terraform Sync 0.1.0 Tech Preview2 Released

Hello all,

We’ve just released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.1.0-techpreview2. This release includes a new API to view the status of task execution and a new configuration option to securely configure Terraform providers for Consul-Terraform-Sync. Corresponding documentation updates are now live on the Consul website:

More detail on other features and bug fixes can be found in the changelog below.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading.


Consul API Tooling Team


  • Deprecate provider block name in this release for terraform_provider block name, and provider will be removed in the following release [GH-140]
  • Fix PAN-OS out-of-band commits to use partial commits based on the configured admin user (required when using the PAN-OS provider) instead of committing all queued changes from any user [GH-137].


  • Add inspect mode to view proposed state changes for tasks [GH-124]
  • Expand usage of Terraform backends for state store [GH-101, GH-129]
    • azurerm, cos, gcs, kubernetes, local, manta, pg, s3
  • Add configuration option to select Terraform version to install and run [GH-131]
    • Add support to run Terraform version 0.14
  • Add status api to view status information about task execution. Served by default at port 8558 [GH-158]
    • Task-status api for status of each task [GH-138, GH-144, GH-148, GH-159, GH-160]
    • Overall-status api for the overall status across tasks [GH-142, GH-161]
    • Support configuring port on which the api is served [GH-141]
    • Support include=events parameter for task-status api to include in the response payload the information of task execution events [GH-145]
    • Support status=<health-status> parameter for task-status api to only return statuses of tasks of a specified health status [GH-147]
  • Add support to dynamically load Terraform provider arguments within the terraform_provider blocks from env, Consul KV, and Vault using template syntax [GH-143]
    • Add Vault config option [GH-139]
  • Add support to set Terraform provider environment variables using the meta-argument task_env block to avoid rendering sensitive arguments in plain-text or to re-map environment variable names [GH-157]


  • Enable 2 retries on task execution errors when running in daemon mode [GH-72, GH-121, GH-155]
  • Update out-of-band commits to execute only when a related task is successful [GH-122]


  • Fix indefinite retries connecting to Consul on DNS errors [GH-133]
  • Fix Terraform workspace selection error [GH-134]