Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.6.0 Release

Hello all,

We’ve released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.6.0 and v0.6.0+ent.

In this release we have a number of bug fixes, deprecations, and new features. Some of the notable features that we introduced:

  • Service registration with health check

  • Support for Terraform Cloud Agent

  • Support for HCP Consul

  • CLI Autocompletion

Please see the changelog and blog below for more details.

Consul Automation Tooling (CAT) Team

RELEASE: Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.6.0 & v0.6.0+ent - Minor

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, May 25, 2022

RELEASE BLOG: CTS 0.6 Adds New Terraform Cloud Agent and HCP Consul Support



  • Terraform driver requests to the Terraform CLI leaks go-routines which can lead to “error from kill” entries in logs [GH-849]


  • Support for CLI autocompletion [GH-775]

  • Support for retrieving CTS health through the API [GH-850]

  • Support for retrieving information about all existing tasks through the API [GH-770]

  • Support for automatically registering CTS with Consul as a service with a health check [GH-860]

  • (Enterprise Only) Official support for HCP Consul

  • (Enterprise Only) Support for creating workspaces configured with Terraform Cloud agents [GH-772]

  • (Enterprise Only) Support for automatically retrieving a license from the configured Consul Enterprise or HCP Consul backend [GH-810]


  • Update fallback version of Terraform to 1.1.8 [GH-802]

  • Update API request logging from INFO to DEBUG to reduce noise in logs [GH-738]

  • Support starting up CTS with new start command [GH-866]

  • (Enterprise Only) Use fallback version of Terraform if determining latest compatible version from Terraform Cloud fails.

  • (Enterprise Only) Add terraform_version to task.terraform_cloud_workspace, which was introduced as part of support for Terraform Cloud agents [GH-790]


  • (Enterprise Only) Fix issue where created TFC tasks not using specified Terraform version [GH-792]

  • (Enterprise Only) Fix issue where fetching compatible Terraform version from TFC not using TLS configurations [GH-795]

  • Fix issue where Task Status API response’s provider field was returning provider name instead of provider id, which includes provider name and alias [GH-798]

  • Fix issue where the main function for running the CTS binary was only using a logger with default settings [GH-789]

  • Fix issue where syslog.enabled was not automatically set to true when other syslog configs were configured [GH-815]

  • Fix issue where deleting task run events used a read-lock instead of write-lock [GH-787]

  • Fix issue where restarting Consul while CTS was running could cause the first service change to be ignored [GH-884]


  • (Enterprise Only) Deprecate terraform_version task configuration in favor of terraform_cloud_workspace.terraform_version task configuration [GH-790]

  • (Enterprise Only) Deprecate license_path configuration in favor of license.path configuration [GH-810]

  • Deprecate starting CTS as a daemon using no CLI command in favor of starting CTS as a daemon using the new start command [GH-866]