Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.4.2 Release

Hi everyone!

We’ve just released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.4.2 and v0.4.2+ent.

This is a smaller release containing mostly bug fixes and the below two new features:

  • Support for TLS/mTLS (OSS & Enterprise)

  • Configuration options to add, require, restrict tags to Terraform Cloud workspaces (Enterprise-only)

Please see CHANGELOG below for more details. Corresponding documentation updates are now live on the Consul website.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading. If you experience issues with CTS, you can report them on the CTS GitHub issue tracker or post to the CTS Discuss Forum for any general questions.


Consul API Tooling Team



  • Enabling a task can display an EOF error in terminal even though task is enabled. [GH-516]


  • Support TLS and mutual TLS for the CTS API and CLI. [GH-466]
  • (Enterprise Only) Add Terraform Cloud workspace tagging support to add, require, and restrict tags with new driver.terraform-cloud.workspaces options.



  • Fix Services Regex, Catalog Services, and Consul KV conditions to use Consul API blocking queries for more efficient monitoring of changes on Consul. [GH-460, GH-467]
  • Fix issue where choosing to cancel when using the Enable CLI still enabled the task. [GH-451]
  • Fix issue where Update Task API unexpectedly updated the task when running with inspect mode. [GH-465]
  • Fix panic when there is a Terraform validation warning related to provider blocks when CTS runs Terraform CLI v0.15+. [GH-473]
  • (Enterprise Only) Fix issue where configured service block filter was not being used to filter monitored service instances when using the Terraform Cloud driver. [GH-454]
  • (Enterprise Only) Fix issue where using the Terraform Cloud driver with a scheduled task configured with a consul-kv source input did not run at the scheduled time when only the monitored services had changed. [GH-502]