Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.7.0 Release

Hello all,

We’ve released Consul-Terraform-Sync (CTS) v0.7.0 and v0.7.0+ent.

In this release we have a number of bug fixes, breaking changes, and new features. Some of the notable features that we introduced:

  • High Availability Support in CTS Enterprise
  • Support for Terraform v1.2

Please see the changelog and documentation updates below for more details.


Consul Automation Tooling (CAT) Team

RELEASE: Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.7.0 & v0.7.0+ent - Minor

RELEASE DATE: Thursday, Sept 8, 2022




  • Changed default value of service_name in service registration configuration from Consul-Terraform-Sync to consul-terraform-sync [GH-946]


  • (Enterprise Only) Support for high availability redundancy [GH-1015]
  • Support for Terraform v1.2 [GH-917]


  • Add openssh command to Docker image to support git over ssh for Terraform modules [GH-940]
  • Upgrade Go to version 1.18 [GH-951]
  • Support for CTS running as a daemon without an initial configured task [GH-986]
  • Enhanced logging for watcher events providing greater insight on changes to Consul [GH-895]
  • (Enterprise Only) Add automatic retries for failed Terraform Cloud requests [GH-448]


  • Fix issue where endpoint response objects represent configuration in a working form (e.g. with defaults, transformations, etc.), rather than responding with the configuration exactly as configured [GH-1000]
  • Fix issue where Terraform driver requests to the Terraform CLI leaked go-routines which could lead to “error from kill” entries in logs [GH-849]