Consul Terraform Sync v0.3.0 OSS and Enterprise

Hello all,

We’ve just released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.3.0 and v0.3.0+ent. This release includes an OSS binary and our first enterprise binary for CTS. CTS Enterprise introduces a new integration with Terraform Enterprise to automate workspaces and remote operations.

We are also excited to share that regular expression matching can now be used to monitor services. This feature is available in OSS and Enterprise.

Please see CHANGELOG below for more details. Corresponding documentation updates are now live on the Consul website.

As always, please test in an isolated environment before upgrading. If you experience issues with CTS, you can report them on the CTS GitHub issue tracker or post to the CTS Discuss Forum for any general questions.


Consul API Tooling Team


  • INFO log level is now the default, changed from WARN. [GH-23]


  • (Beta Feature) Add regex support for service triggers. This feature currently does not support any query parameters [GH-357], which includes any query parameters set in a service block. [GH-299, GH-357]
  • (Enterprise Only) Add integration with Terraform Enterprise remote operations by using the new Terraform Cloud driver. [GH-327]
  • (Enterprise Only) Add task.terraform_version configuration option to set the Terraform version used for the task’s workspace on Terraform Enterprise.
  • (Enterprise Only) Add license_path configuration option and CONSUL_LICENSE and CONSUL_LICENSE_PATH environment variables to check for valid, unexpired Consul license on start up and provide logging notification for expiration and termination events.


  • Deprecate driver.working_dir configuration option to be removed in v0.5.0. Add new options to configure working directory for managing CTS generated artifacts. Top-level working_dir to configure parent directory for all tasks or task.working_dir to configure per task. [GH-314]


  • Fix loading the CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR environment variable. [GH-351]
  • Fix issue where the task-level buffer_period configuration did not override the global-level buffer_period configuration when the task-level buffer_period was disabled. [GH-359]