Consul-Terraform-Sync 0.5.2 Release

Hello all,

We’ve just released Consul-Terraform-Sync v0.5.2 and v0.5.2+ent.

This is a patch release that fixes a number of known issues.


Consul Automation Tooling Team

Release: Consul-Terraform-Sync 0.5.2 - Patch

Release Date: 03/15/2022


  • Fix issue where triggering a task while task is running is ignored and can cause locked state [GH-732]
  • Fix issue where re-creating a task using the task creation API/CLI after Consul restart can result in an error [GH-701]
  • Fix issue where creating a task with the same name as a deleted task, where the deleted task includes a condition "schedule", can leave CTS in a bad state [GH-715]