Consul vault registration

I have new install vault 1.7.3 with raft integrated storage , and consul 1.10.1 clusters. Is there a way to register vault as service in consul without using local consul agent on vault servers.

Are you using Consul as backend vor Vault? Then vault registers itself already in Consul:

If you use another backend, you can register Vault as external service in Consul.

I am using vault with raft integrated storage .

Is there example for what to check on vault ? I prefer to use standard vault checks that consul has natively ?

For external service health checks, you need to run the Consul ESM client:

If you don’t want to run an additional client (ESM or Consul agent) then you can’t define a health check for an external service.

Otherwise, you can use https://vault-ip-address:8200/sys/health as health check endpoint.