Consul watch command errors out due to EOF

I’ve been trying to get updates of when specific services are updated in Consul and I’ve noticed that when running the “consul watch” watch command, I frequently get an error such as this one:
[ERR] Watch (type: service) errored: Get http://consul-dev.local:8500/v1/health/service/grpc-service?index=98441688&passing=1: EOF, retry in 5s

I’m not sure why this is occurring, although it seems to be occurring roughly ever 2 minutes so this is problematic for a few reasons:

  1. When the watch command reconnects, I receive the JSON payload once again without it having necessarily changed since the command was last connected.
  2. The application which is receiving this payload from the watch command executes other operations on other systems although these frequent retries are causing operations to add up and queue up on the remote system, which is consequently as an impact on that system.

Can someone tell me why i’m getting this EOF error and what could be done to resolve this or at least reduce the occurrences? Also, is there a metric presented via the telemetry which could indicate the occurrences of this error?

I appreciate any help.