Contributing for an OpenStack Provider using Python in Terraform - CDK

As a part of my project GitHub - CS6620-S21/Distributed-File-Systems-Reliability I was working on some code to automate terraform. I found the CDK for AWS and Azure but was unable to find one for Open stack, so I added some automation using python.

I was wondering if there is a way to contribute towards the CDK using Python as I do have a basic understanding of what the is meant for and am willing to contribute.

Was wondering if there is some documentation with this regards


There is an Open Stack provider for Terraform that can be used with CDKTF already. Simply add to cdktf.json and generate code bindings following instructions here.

CDKTF (and any other CDKs) are written in Typescript, but Python experience can be useful for contributing examples or bringing Python specific issues to the team’s attention.

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Sure, I will take a look at it where do I add examples

Examples are currently here. Just open a PR for a new example.