Controller name from variable

Im attempting to replicate getting the controller name from a variable so that the controllers can live in a kubernetes statefulset.
I have the variable set:
/ $ echo $POD_NAME
and in the config map
name = “DC1-{{ env “POD_NAME” }}”

but it seams to treat that as a list?
“Error parsing config file: At 6:15: nested object expected: LBRACE got: ASSIGN”

ref: What should I specify at listener address when running Boundary in Kubernetes?

You’d have to have something else that understands that templating language to do the substitution. We don’t currently have templating support in the config files.

I ended up using init containers, new to the whole not just using helm charts so just working on the service/loadbalancer for the controllers before moving on to setting up workers.boundary-configmap.txt (2.7 KB) boundary-statefullset.txt (1.3 KB)

Support for this should be in 0.2.1, see Add ability for the controller/worker name to be read from env/file by jefferai · Pull Request #1181 · hashicorp/boundary · GitHub