Environment variable for BOUNDARY_SCOPE_NAME


Is there an environment variable to use instead of scope names in CLI like `$BOUNDARY_SCOPE_NAME?

Here is how I connect now.

boundary connect ssh -target-name "My Target" --target-scope-name "My Project"

The way I want to connect is,

export BOUNDARY_SCOPE_NAME="My Project"
boundary connect ssh -target-name "My Target"

BOUNDARY_SCOPE_NAME variable does not work as of now. Is there any environment variable available for this purpose? If so, I’d appreciate it if you could share.


Hey @yipera7220 Thanks for using Boundary and welcome to Hashicorp Discuss forum.

Can you try setting BOUNDARY_CONNECT_TARGET_SCOPE_NAME=“My Project” in the env var and connect using boundary connect ssh -target-name “My Target”. Please do let us know if this helps.


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BOUNDARY_CONNECT_TARGET_SCOPE_NAME helped! Thanks very much @prsekar!

Just a quick question, is it also possible to use a name for oidc method?

This is how I currently get authenticated

boundary authenticate oidc -auth-method-id <id>

It would be great to use a name instead of an id because I work on multiple boundary deployment it’s not so convenient to get id each time.


You may want to take a look at the various -h output, e.g. boundary authenticate oidc -h – the parameters will indicate if there is an env var that can be used.

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Actually, I was also looking at this. I think it’s not possible to use authentication method name. According to output Auth method ID must be provided via -auth-method-id.

So I’m curious, can’t we get authenticated by the primary authentication method without an id somehow? Or as @yipera7220 asked, using name of auth would be perfect if there’s any workaround to do that.

That is not currently possible, no.