Improvement idea - around targets/hosts/etc

I am thinking that as an end user I don’t necessarily want to go to the CLI or GUI and poke around to find each necessary ID to do a boundary connect.

Why not enable an “alias” feature, meaning if I create a host example “hst_z4dhfgasmhb” I should be able to give it a “name or alias” that is user friendly.

The command would go from:

boundary connect ssh -style putty --username ubuntu -target-id ttcp_df23tNDJ -host-id hst_z4dhfgasmhb


boundary connect ssh -style putty --username ubuntu -target-id webservers -host-id webserver01

(with an alias feature I would essentially keep my actual server names so my users can quickly connect)

Thanks for your feedback @ac0093! We definitely see how being able to alias target and host names could improve the cli experience.

Part of this request has actually already been achieved with our 0.1.1 Boundary release. As part of 0.1.1 we now allow using -target-name in conjunction with either -target-scope-id or -target-scope-name to connect to targets, rather than the target’s ID (changelog). This new feature was actually prioritized based on community feedback like yours on our 0.1.0 release, so keep the feedback coming!

While we don’t yet have a timeline for the ability to also alias hosts, this is a feature request we are aware of and will review in planning upcoming releases.