Fronting Web UIs

Hello again,

I am trying to use Boundary to connect to a set of web dashboards (Grafana, kiali, etc), I have boundary all set up and deployed.

First question: Is this a good use case for Boundary? I see that I can use the CLI to connect to ssh, database, or curl to clients, but I don’t see a way to connect to an http host and use boundary as a proxy in a browser. Is this a correct assumption?

Second question: Could the go sdk be used to create a proxy instance which would accomplish something like that. Or should I wait a while boundary completes that functionality? Just looking for your advice.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for trying out Boundary @coguy450 - have you tried the http subcommand for boundary connect?

    http        Authorize a session against a target and invoke an HTTP client to connect

hey @malnick I have tried that. I just get this error or variations of it. It seems to want to point to a localhost even though I’m passing it a BOUNDARY_ADDR

curl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ‘’

I’ve tried this command:
boundary connect http --style curl --target-id ttcp_iEZjhOd4HS
I’ve tried with and without the curl, and all sorts of variations of this.

I also posted this yesterday but hadn’t heard back, I’m sure you guys are super busy.

Cool, I think my response to your other thread answers this but let me know if you have any more questions Question around accessing web targets