Converting VWAN hub to secure hub (Azure Firewall)


How can get Terraform to “Convert to secure hub”?

I’m trying to deploy a virtual WAN in Azure, and I’ve got the vWAN created with hubs, and VNETs connected.

I’m using

I’m confused why there’s no syntax in the *_virtual_hub module that would allow me to create the hub as secured with a block inside.

I see that there is *_virtual_hub_security_partner_provider, which happens at least similarly, or perhaps only similar through the GUI? Is there an analogous “*_virutal_hub_secure_hub” or something with a better name?

I don’t find any settings elsewhere that indicate converting a hub to a secured hub.

I’ve also gone after the idea of creating an azurerm_firewall and attaching it to the hub, but I get blocked at trying to define the subnet ID for the hub, or why the subnet isn’t named “AzureFirewallSubnet”.

I’m hoping that I’ve missed something simple.

Thanks for any assistance.