Setting up VWAN with Point-to-Site VPN

Hi all, I’m attempting to setup a VWAN with a Point-to-Site VPN Gateway. I’ve previously managed to get this working without the VWAN/Hub component using VNets and a VNet Gateway but struggling to find info on VWAN.

From here I can see an example with a VWAN, Hub and VPN Gateway, but no information to go from there.

In Terraform, what’s the difference between a azurerm_vpn_gateway resource and a azurerm_virtual_network_gateway resource? Is the azurerm_vpn_gateway just a wrapper that only enables site-to-site connectivity?

Once I have azurerm_virtual_wan and azurerm_virtual_hub resources how do I attach a point-to-site VPN gateway and spoke VNets?

In the Azure Portal a lot of this is automated so it’s hard to work out exactly what resources are needed and how they’re connected.