Could projects follow semantic versioning or similar? Is there a defined statement for how version numbers are decided?

Take Nomad 1.4.5 for example. It contains a “Breaking Change” - this implies that something in my configuration need to change in order to support this (but in this example, it’s not clear that anything does need to change - and the pull request is basi

1.4.0 Has a solid example of a real breaking change. Disabling raft v2. But semantic versioning would say this should have been released as 2.0.0

I’m not trying to nitpick here, but the context is, I’ve been trying to update and nomad from 1.3.x and consul 1.13.x - to their respective latest versions (which aren’t huge leaps) and I’ve found that I have to read every single patch release between the versions because there are unforeseen land mines. If the projects used sem version I could more confidently check the major releases and then bypass the patches.

(Of course, yea, you could make the argument that I should in fact read every morsel of release notes and documentation - but then why bother with versioning?)