Versioning of nomad-packs

I’ve recently been creating a few Helm-charts for kubernetes, and whenever I create a new version of a chart, I create a tagged release/archive. Hence it is easy to target the correct chart-version when using helm, even if there are multiple charts in the same registry.

When I was writing Nomad-Packs, one of my issues was targeting/pinning different versions of the packs. I ended up with tagging each release with the pack+release, and then clone/download this version in the deployment-pipeline.

Are there plans to implement a similar “binary-release” model to Helm, targeting the “metadata.pack.version” value? (Or are there any easier ways to target this version when deploying, that I have missed)

I want to deploy 2 packs from same registry, but the required versions are from separate git-commits. I need to pull the corresponding commit prior to deploying each pack.

Hey @kds-rune, this is something we’re actually working on right now. Unfortunately both engineers working on this specifically happen to be out today, and they know the details better than I do. But the problem you’ve identified sounds exactly like the one we’ve been talking about. We’ve already restructured how we cache repositories & packs to account for naming conflicts with different versions, and we’re working on some other deps issues around that now.

I think the new release coming in the next few weeks should solve this.

Great to hear; thank you for the reply