[ vault-helm ] Missing version update

Hello Hashicorp team,

The Vault version have been updated to 1.14.1 the 25 of July 2023.
But the version in the Helm Chart is still setted to the previous 1.14.0 version.

We can manually update our values but it would be really great if it could be updated in the Chart.

Kind regards,

This is what you should do

Because there’s no point making a new release of the chart for every new release of Vault, if there is nothing else that needs to be updated.

Hello @maxb ,

I would agree with you if talking about reusable Chart for different applications but this Chart is made only for Vault.

Appart from the image tag value that can be setted in a values file, there’s the appVersion value that reside in the Chart.yaml. This oblige to repackage the Chart to set it if we want a clear helm history.

That’s what I’ve done but I would have prefer to keep the official Chart imutable. :wink:

Kind regards.

You are making unnecessary work for yourself. Just accept that appVersion tells you the version of Vault that that chart version has as a default suggestion, and does not need to be updated when using the chart to deploy a different version.

Even Helm’s own docs point in this direction:

For example, the drupal chart may have an appVersion: "8.2.1" , indicating that the version of Drupal included in the chart (by default) is 8.2.1 .

https://helm.sh/docs/topics/charts/#the-appversion-field (emphasis mine)

Hi @ThirtyThirds -

Sorry for any confusion here, we don’t always release a helm chart update with every new patch release of vault, although it would certainly be expected for a major version change.

As @maxb pointed out, general best practices for production systems are that you should specifically pin (manually set, in your config.yaml overrides file) your application versions.