Helm upgrade best practices

Hi there,

I am on helm chart v0.4.0 and at that time you recommended that we download the chart and deploy it ourselves. We have done that, my question is now that we are 0.4.0 is there a way to get on latest. It seems that there are some non upgradable items in later releases of the chart.

One question is that if we stay on the 0.4.0 chart version we are on, is it compatible with 1.6.1? Were currently on 1.5.0, and would like to upgrade.

Any advise would be great, if we need to rebuild the cluster with the newer chart version. Do you have any recommended steps?

Thanks in advance,

Just as a note: Vault version 1.5.0 with KMS auto un-seal, and Dynamo as the backend.

My recommendation is to use the latest version of the chart, 0.16.1 and then override the vault version you want to deploy. The major note I’d give you is that a pick a major version (1.6 is the oldest version supported) but don’t deploy 1.6.1, 16.7 is the latest release in that train. There are security and patches that are applied to in between releases that should be used.

Auto unseal no issue – I’d move away from Dynamo and to Integrated storage though – much faster access and a lot less I/O overhead. If you’re willing to upgrade and are willing of switching to Integrated Storage, then 1.8 is well worth the upgrade (1.8.5 I believe just got released).

There are notes in the upgrade plan on upgrading multiple major versions so do read them carefully.