Nomad Pack 0.1.0 released

We are thrilled to announce the first official release of Nomad-Pack—version 0.1.0! This marks a significant milestone in Pack’s journey, and its mission of simplifying complex application packaging and deployment to HashiCorp Nomad.

:package: What’s New

For Pack Authors

  • Nest Packs more easily - Version 0.1.0 includes an updated way to access nested Pack variables and metadata to make reusing and composing Packs easier than ever.
  • Template non-job files - Pack authors can now add non-jobfile templates to their Packs. Create configuration files, documentation, and even build resource specification files as outputs to simplify your Pack consumer’s experience.
  • Optional job support - Job templates can now be wrapped in conditional logic to optionally allow end-users to deploy certain jobs as part of a Pack depending on the variable values provided.
  • Vendor dependencies - With the nomad-pack deps vendor command, you can automatically download the dependencies listed in your Pack’s metadata into its deps/ subdirectory for easier packaging.

For Pack Consumers

  • Generate variable override files for Packs - With nomad-pack generate var-file, you can create a documented variable override file as a starting point for customizing a Pack to deploy in your environment.
  • Easier variable file reuse across Packs - Nomad Pack now includes a --ignore-missing-vars flag that allows Pack deployments with additional unused variables. This makes it simpler to share variable files, such as environment-specific variable files, across Packs without getting deployment blocking errors.

:pray: Thank You!

We appreciate the incredible community that has supported the development of Nomad Pack thus far. Your feedback and contributions have been invaluable in making this release possible.

:books: Get Started

Ready to give Pack a try? Head over to to find installation instructions, a getting started tutorial, documentation, and more. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with it!

:clap: Your Feedback Helps!

Your feedback is essential to us. If you encounter any issues, have suggestions, or want to contribute, please don’t hesitate to open issues, pull requests, or join our community discussions. Together, we can make Nomad Pack even better.

Happy Packing,
The Nomad Team


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