Introducing Nomad Pack!

We’re excited to announce a tech preview of a new tool we’re building for Nomad called Nomad Pack.

Nomad Pack is a templating and packaging tool used to:

  • Easily deploy popular applications to Nomad
  • Re-use common patterns across internal applications
  • Find and share job specifications with the Nomad community

More detailed information about Nomad Pack can be found in the Nomad Pack repository.

We would love any feedback you have on the tool. Please feel free to open Issues in the GitHub repository or to leave feedback on this thread.

Additionally, we have made a Nomad Pack Community Registry repository on GitHub. This is meant to be the go-to space for community-made and maintained Packs. We encourage you to provide feedback on which packs you want via GitHub issues and to submit Pull Requests with packs that you have written. To learn how to write your own packs, see the Writing Custom Packs Guide.

A Tech Preview release will be available in the coming weeks. For now, to use the tool, users will have to build it from the source code. See the Contribution Guide for details on how to make a local build.

To learn more about Nomad Pack, please see the Nomad Pack Repository and the Detailed Usage Guide.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or contributions! We’re looking forward to seeing how the community uses Nomad Pack.