Nomad-pack dependency

Starting to play with nomad-pack, I’m having a hard time trying to get pack dependencies working. I hit this issue External pack dependency expects pack in deps subdirectory · Issue #255 · hashicorp/nomad-pack · GitHub
Anyone could get pack dependencies to work ? I’ve search for a working example, but couldn’t find anything (neither in the default community registry, nor in other 3rd party registrys I’ve found on github)

Hey @dbd, the initial pack dependency story was pretty underbaked and we’re working on redoing a lot of the internals right now. We’ve got one final issue that we’re working on currently and then planning to cut an 0.1 Pack release that’ll have a better dependency story.

Sorry, this was just a miss on our end when we wrote this at first, and we’ve got docs gaps & functionality gaps in the current release. That should change soon though.

Since there will be a couple breaking changes, I’d suggest waiting a couple weeks and then I can follow up with a Pack that demonstrates the new way of doing things. Sorry for the delay (and time spent trying to figure it out), but your timing asking the question is actually pretty good.


I was trying with current nightly. Anyway, will wait for next release. One thing I’m hoping (and not described in the doc) is if we can inherit variables from dependencies, not only templates. So I could define datacenters, namespace, region etc. only once in a common pack, instead of having to define them in all of my pack again and again.

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@mnomitch Do you have any links to GH issues that we can use to track the progress twoards 0.1? Would love to be able to more readily follow along :slight_smile:

Without nomad-pack 0.1 comming, I’ve decided to give up on this tool, and rolled my own templating system with gomplate and some custom scripts. While not being standard, it’s IMHO much more powerful. I prefer anyway having distinct tools for template rendering, and deployements

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How OSS is the tool of yours?

Related: We use python and jinja templates for our mix of Terraform things and Nomad jobs.

A case of “familiarity with jinja” and “go templating being too :eyes spinning:”

Released under a MIT licence : dani/ctctl - ctctl - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea
But totaly undocumented, and still moving a lot, so I doubt it’ll be useful as is. It’s in fact more than just rendering (it handles switching from one cluster to another, inject vault, consul, nomad policies, provides some helper to easily follow logs or enter a container etc.)