Is there any tools like Helm for Nomad?

Hi, I’m looking for a tool like Helm for Nomad.

Since I’ve been compering the functions between Kubernetes and Nomad. In terms of deployment, Kubernetes has manifest packaging system called Helm. It’s really useful when deploy well-known application on the Kubernetes cluster.

So, I’m interested about a jobspec packaging system for Nomad. Does anyone have a idea about it?

Hi @morinaga,

Thanks for using Nomad!

We’re exploring this and very much want to hear about your environment and applications. We are also interested to know what you do and don’t like about Helm. Do you mind sharing?

@DerekStrickland and the Nomad team

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Hi, @DerekStrickland ,

Thank you to keep on track this topic!

At first, I’m glad to know that you have already considered about package management system in terms of Nomad in the future.

I’m not mentioned about particular system in this time. However, these use case are expecting situation such as typical web system include reverse proxy, web application, cache and database application or it’s may be ETL system system include messaging application.

If I wanted to create that kind of system on Nomad, I would need several job files. But currently in my understanding, we need to create a job files from scratch.

I researched that Levant is different approach it might be possible solution to create job files using it.

I have an experience to use Helm, basically it is working well so far.
Less readable in template is I dislike.

I think that’s all so far, thank you.

Hi @morinaga,

Thank you for your input! We will keep it in mind as we discuss our roadmap.

@DerekStrickland and the Nomad team

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