Future of Nomad pack and Levant

I am wondering about the future of Nomad Pack vs Levant for templating jobs.

As a Levant user is that it appears that development of Levant has slowed down considerably while nomad pack is the newer method similar to things like helm.

Is Levant planned to no longer be supported and eventually sunset for nomad pack? I just want to know if we should be getting ahead of this change and working towards this goal.


Very much interested to hear an answer to this as well.

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Same here, there are so many ways to render a job file.
HCL2 function, template, Levant, Nomad pack, Consul-Template, hcat etc.
They all share part of goal to describe a dynamic or non-dynamic task.
And this will terrify the newcomers like me.

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Also super-interested in this!

From nomad-pack’s guides:

Nomad Pack can be thought of as a templating and deployment tool like Levant with the ability to pull from remote registries and deploy multiple resources together, like Helm.

At the same time last Levant release was over 1 year ago (!) - I had to fork some existing github action and build my custom docker image with levant in order to get deployment working on GH :sweat_smile: I mean it works for now, but as @brettpatricklarson said:

I just want to know if we should be getting ahead of this change and working towards this goal

:100: on point

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Same here, we had to create an image to make it run in CI. Also there is a drift in syntax check in job definition between Nomad and Levant that causes some errors (made a github issue about it).
So definitely interested in knowing the furtur of these templating tools.

Hi everyone and thanks for your insights and input into this discussion. I realise that development effort has indeed slowed on Levant. We are committed to maintenance releases and critical fixes where needed, however, we do not have any roadmapped work currently for this project. I am trying to find a little time to go through the backlog over the coming weeks/months while we also move the project onto a new release pipeline.

Nomad Pack is still in tech-preview state and so is expected to change and develop a fair amount more before it moves from this state. Development has slowed for the moment in favour of other priorities and projects, this will likely pickup again in the near future.

While the future is never certain, we do expect nomad-pack or the Nomad native CLI to be our preferred ways to manage and run jobs. While nomad-packs purpose is well defined around templating, the Nomad CLI also offers HCLv{1,2} syntax, job deployment monitoring, variable replacement at submission time, and scaling commands, all of which Levant was built for initially to perform.

If you have feature requests for nomad-pack or Nomad please feel free to reach out either via the repositories or in this thread for further discussion or questions.

jrasell and the Nomad team