Plans to provide/build a levant container image for arm64 platform

I’m running gitlab-runners on an arm64 node with plans of using levant for my nomad deployments. However, no arm64 variant exists for levant.
I’m kindly requesting to think of building such a image.

You should check out nomad-pack, which has arm-builds.

EDIT: Sorry, missed the container part, but should be easy to build/implement since the binary is available :wink:

I have already looked into nomad-pack which seems to be the next cool thing in the nomad universe. However currently this opens more complexity as I would have to create my own templates first which is a step too big for now.

But of course for the time being I will be able to maintain my own levant container image.

Hi @MartinAhrer,

Thanks for using Nomad!

Can you raise an issue for this in the Levant repo so it will get tracked/roadmapped?


Derek and the Nomad Team