Examples in Tutorials use x86 exclusively

This is just a comment. But I have installed nomad on raspberry pi cluster, which is cool but am having some issues moving forward. I migrated to nomad on the understanding it was simpler than the typhoon k8’s i initially installed on a pi3 cluster (and then k3s). I upgraded the pi3s to pi 4’s with 8gb with the view that I could do something a little more serious.
But I’m bogging down and every time I attempt one of the examples - it fails because the example apps are x86 - (not x86/arm64).
Who knows I might be failing in some other config, but it would be nice if the docker images could be both.
Debugging is pretty opaque and I say that after experience on k8’s.
I’ll get there in the end, but if you want to expand people’s experience (i.e people who aren’t doing it on a corporate credit card), then having some arm64 docker images in the examples would help

Hi @silvacraig. Thanks very much for your feedback, this is always helpful for the team. The main points you mention (arm64 and debugging) are both areas we discuss internally and areas we a very keen to improve. Please feel free to reach out with any other points, or if you have any more detailed thoughts about the topics above.

jrasell and the Nomad team