Nomad Test Failure on arm64 ubuntu platform

Hi Team,

I have built nomad from source for arm64 on ubuntu environment and tested the created binary with make test-nomad command, getting 6041 tests, 45 skipped, 209 failures.

Please check the detailed logs of failures: nomad-arm64-ubuntu-test-logs.txt (2.0 MB)

Do you have any plans for supporting arm64 platform?

It would be helpful if you could share some pointers to resolve the above failures.

Can you share some more details about the target? ARM 64 is definitely supported by Nomad, I have it running on several devices. For example, a build for Release 1.2.0 is available.

@brucellino1 Thanks for the quick responce , I would just like to see the same tests that execute for amd64 in circle-ci done for arm64. Also, I will be willing to help with porting of the tests and enabling them on circle-ci for arm64.