[Help] Nomad on openwrt arm64

Firstly, thanks for the effort on nomad.

I want to install nomad on my openwrt router(arm64) to manage my self-managed service. But unfortunately, I failed to install it by using the package of https://releases.hashicorp.com/nomad/1.4.1/nomad_1.4.1_linux_arm64.zip

Looking forward someone telling whether the latest nomad support openwrt. If not, could someone tell me how to compile it. As I know, the golang project can also run on openwrt.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @zuston, can you describe in detail what doesn’t work when you try to run Nomad on openwrt? And can you describe the underlying OS specifics? E.g. Linux kernel version, etc.

Nomad can be compiled using a normal Go toolchain. You can produce a dev build with just

make bootstrap # install tools used for building nomad
make dev # compile dev build of nomad

More information in the contributing docs.