Create QnaMaker with Terraform

I have been working on creating in Azure, a QnAMaker Service within the Azure Cognitive Services offering. This effort is to help with creating bot services. I have noticed that when using the QnAMaker in the “marketplace” that it builds additional features as compared to running the “azurerm_cognitive_account” command in Terraform. When I deploy with with Terraform I only get the Cognitive Services Account object built.

When I use the marketplace “template” I get the Cognitive Services Account mentioned above but also deploys the

  • QNAMAKER Runtime App Services
  • AppServicePlan for Runtime App Service
  • Azure Search Service Instance

I wasnt sure if this would be expected or if the Terraform build can also automate those that you get with the GUI Marketplace Method. I can build these manually with Terraform but being new to ChatBots and Cog Services, I wasnt sure how integrated these are together or if that can taken care of after TF builds the objects.

Thank you for any suggestions, working to get a better grasp on all of these and figure out a way for Terraform to do these deployments (That would be much better than clicking away in the portal)


Hi @mikejipp. Not sure if you still have questions about this, but I’m also working on terraforming a QnAMaker service in Azure. The resources all reference one another in the TF code, thus tying everything together. I learned this by importing those resources into TF by using:

terraform import
terraform show
to display the resources in a TF config file.
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@SamuelTillman Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your experience. I appreciate it. After digging into this further I did not the relationship to how they are all referenced.

Not using import before that will be good to learn about.

Ill be sure to send any question which I am sure I will have…

Thanks again.