ServiceNow with Terraform Integration

Who has used this integration between Terraform and ServiceNow. Latest version is 2.3.0. This provides catalog items to create workspaces and manage resources.

I would like to hear your experience with it, what issues you ran into, how you are using it today and if you created any custom functions on your own?

Today we are only testing this integration. We have it working, after some work with support, but it will create a workspace and provision resources. This approach is much more limited than using the normal interface (CLI, configuration files, etc)

So if you use the SN & TF integration, how are you providing this to your end users? Are you only using this for the initial implementation of an app or piece of an app. How did you plan to maintain or change those apps with this integration?

I’m just curious as many of these questions have come up internally and at this point we aren’t 100% sure how to answer all of them, not without creating some of our own custom solutions using the API.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your responses.