Splunk_ITSI to ServiceNow integration using Terraform


I’m writing Terraform code for ITSI processes, using this provider “Terraform Registry”.

Here in the “itsi_neap (Resource)” module, there are different Action Rule options available and for most of the options[email, script, etc…], sample syntax updated in the provider document but somehow there is no details in the provider document for creating “ServiceNow” ticket when an episode created from an event.

Sample rule: If the number of events in this episode is == 1, then create a service now ticket for the episode

There is no syntax or guidance to configure the Action for ServiceNow ticket creation.

@benoittoulme4w5 I could see you as a contributor for this provider, can you please look at it if you can help me with the sample code snippet or syntax?


Can anyone provide insight on this?

A significant contributing reason to why you have not received a response, is that you’ve asked a question which really needs not only Terraform knowledge but specific knowledge of the target product to be configured.

Terraform has providers for many many things, and it is inevitable that there won’t be people familiar with all of them watching a forum such as this.

I opened up the link to the documentation you gave, and searched it for “servicenow” - there were no matches. This leads me to think that the provider in question probably does not support configuring that.

That’s really all I can tell you, as I don’t even know what ITSI means, and I’ve never used ServiceNow.

A logical next step might be to investigate the provider’s source code yourself, or to ask about ServiceNow support in the provider’s GitHub issue tracker.