Creating API service to provision infrastructure

Hey everyone,

Was just curios about one thing, still trying to scope it and see which one is better for this specific goal.

Im trying to create a service that would be able to provision environments, resources. Still cant decide if terraform or pulumi would be a better choice for this specific task.

Is there a way to create an API service, where you can send a request and based off that request you are gonna have a resources provisioned for you?

IS this something Terraform could do? - technically, with enough effort…

It’s technically possible but your service would have to write Terraform configurations (either as HCL or JSON), then execute the Terraform CLI.

You would also have to decide whether your service was create-only, or also supported modification and destruction - in which case you’d also need to orchestrate the management of Terraform state files.

Hmm, thanks for the response,

I start leaning more towards pulumi then,

Seems like they have that API thingy released recently,

Will keep an eye for Terraform implementation of such feature though.

Thanks for ur answer again though