Custom Terraform Provider - Beta Releases

Hey folks,

I’m looking for some clarification around beta releases for custom providers as I haven’t seen any example of such things within the terraform registry nor is it mentioned anywhere in your docs.

Given we cut a pre-release marked let’s say v1.0.0-beta of a custom provider, will the terraform registry pick it up and display it as a beta pre-release? Or does the terraform registry only pick up promoted latest releases?

Appreciate any insights into this!


I remember someone recently complaining on this forum that they had done that, and it was being displayed as the default/latest version of their provider.

Thanks for the info! That’s unfortunately undesirable because if the version isn’t getting specified my assumption is that the latest release will get downloaded, which will be infact a beta release, causing unexpected potential issues for users.

From your experience what would you recommend in this scenario as the best work around?

@sergiught - did you get this to work? I am in the opposite situation - I published a pre-release, but it never gets picked up by the registry.