[Question] Duration of process to publish a custom Terraform provider - manual review?

Hi Team,

following the guidance given in the tutorial and the documentation for publishing a custom Terraform provider one question came up where I did not find an answer:

Once the setup is done and I register the provider in the Terraform registry (i.e. step “Publishing Your Provider” in the official documentation, will the provider be available immediately or are there additional manual review steps happening behind the scenes (the documentation mentions a publishing process ) when publishing a custom provider for the first time?
If there is one, how long does it typically take until the custom provider is visible in the registry?

Hi @lechnerc77,

There are a few different “levels” of provider in the public registry. The “Community” level is open to everyone without any manual review, so you can publish as soon as you’ve correctly configured your signing key and signed your releases for publication.

The “partner” level is available only for organizations publishing providers for their own products and that typically starts with contacting the HashiCorp partnerships team, since there are some different requirements for publishing in that category.

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Thanks a lot that clarifies the situation