Databricks Unable to parse jobid of length 15 and need unique job name

Good Day!

I’m trying to set the permission to all the jobs in databricks.
resource “databricks_permissions” “everyone_can_view_all_jobs” {
for_each = data.databricks_jobs.this.ids
job_id = each.value

access_control {
group_name = var.user_group
permission_level = “CAN_VIEW”

Here I’m facing two problems.

  1. Terraform is not able to parse 15 digit jobid. Error as below.
    “Error: cannot delete permissions: strconv.ParseInt: parsing “986934303241309”: value out of range”
  2. Databricks allow jobs with same name. Terraform should consider jobid instead of jobname.
    Error: “Found jobs with same name”


Both of these issues sound fairly conclusively like bugs in terraform-provider-databricks, so I encourage you to report them at Issues · databricks/terraform-provider-databricks · GitHub where they can be appropriately tracked.

Thanks for the response. Have reported issue.