Unable to set permission for SP account as Owner

Hi Team,

I’m using DataBricks v1.16.1 and Terraform Terraform v1.4.6 on windows_amd64.

Problem1: I’m trying to set job_permission as “IS_OWNER” for SP account. I’m getting error as “Error: cannot create permissions: Groups cannot be owners”. Why is Terraform considering SP as group?

Problem2: When we execute job_permission, terraform automatically removes SP as OWNER and set creator as owner.


Please bear in mind that, as this is a Terraform specialist forum, there may be relatively few people who have ever worked with DataBricks - I never have. If you can phrase your questions to avoid requiring existing knowledge of DataBricks, you will enjoy a larger pool of people who can help.

You should also read through Guide to asking for help in this forum - in particular, your questions will be far more likely to be able to be usefully answered if you:

  • Show the relevant parts of your Terraform configuration files

  • Show the full terraform commands run, and their output, demonstrating the problem


Error message as below:

Bearing in mind I’ve never used DataBricks…

What I’m seeing here is configuration saying “make this group an owner” and an error message saying “groups can’t be owners” … which seems … pretty simply and directly identifying the issue to me?

And if the thing isn’t a group, why are you naming it in a group_name attribute?