Deploy an application to kubernetes tutorial: Installation of the waypoint server to terraform eks tutorial clusterfails

I’m really interested in learning and using Waypoint so I read some docs and started the tutorials. Everything was going fine but on the Install the waypoint server step when I execute waypoint install --platform=kubernetes -accept-tos it fails everytime:

:x: Installing Waypoint Helm chart…
! Error installing server into kubernetes: timed out waiting for the condition

Has anybody seen this before or have any advice on how to better trouble shoot the issue?

Hey @gabe.susman ! This can be common when using systems like EKS. I recommend taking a look at your remote cluster and seeing what the condition of the Waypoint pods timed out on. You’ll want to use the kubectl CLI to do this. For example, you could run kubectl get all which will display all of the resources of your EKS cluster in the default workspace. You should see some Waypoint pods. Running a command like kubectl describe pod/waypoint-server... or which ever the name of the pod is for Waypoint. This will show you information about the pod, including the event log that should hopefully give details for what it was timing out on. Hope this helps!