Waiting for Kubernetes service to become ready

I’m trying to install Waypoint on my AWS EKS, but I’m stuck at waypoint install

❌ Waiting for Kubernetes service to become ready..
! Error waiting for service ready: timed out waiting for the condition
The Waypoint server has been deployed, but due to this error we were
unable to automatically configure the local CLI or the Waypoint server
advertise address. You must do this manually using "waypoint context"
and "waypoint server config-set".

Running kubectl get all outputs something just like in the docs.

What are some things to investigate? Where can I read more about how to manually use waypoint context and waypoint server config-set?

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The waypoint install -platform=kubernetes command waits for the k8s service to have an external IP available. I don’t know how long the time out is, but you may have encountered an issue waiting for the external IP from a load balancer associated with that k8s service.

Another alternative is to use: waypoint install -platform=kubernetes -accept-tos -show-yaml and save that output to a file that you then kubectl apply -f FILENAME.

Then afterward you can bootstrap the server as normal. At one point I had to do some extra things on Digital Ocean k8s, which is no longer required, but the steps I followed are similar to what you would do if the AWS EKS timeout is too long. Reference this: https://github.com/jbayer/waypoint-digital-ocean-docs#install-waypoint

Hopefully this helps.

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